Top 10 Vegetable Slicers

The heat to adorn your kitchen with best vegetable slicers is raised, and your hunt for finding the best one is still on, yet you’re unable to find a good unit that suits you? Well, there’s nothing to worry, as this list of top 10 vegetable slicers will help out with your hunt, and you can surely make your neighbor jealous (no doubts about it!).

1. Progressive International HGT-11 Folding Mandoline Slicer

Improvise on your style with this mandolin, that offers you 6 slicing capabilities such as thick slice, thin slice, super thin slice, thick julienne, thin julienne and super thin julienne, all in a 3 double-sided cutting plates.

When it comes to the maintenance of this unit, there isn’t much to worry about, and you can even store the cutting plates safely underneath the unit.

Besides, this mandolin is dishwasher safe too. Remember, it’s Razor-sharp, so pay heed to your safety though the unit is provided with comfort grip, finger guard and non-skid feet to avoid accidents while you have a pleasurable cooking experience.

If you have made your mind that this piece is the one for you, you can go ahead and order your price from Amazon at a very modest price of $18.35.

2. Benriner Mandoline Slicer

Second in this list is super Benriner mandolin slicer available on Amazon at a reasonable price of $58.70.

If you are wondering why the price is on higher side, it is actually reasonably priced when you consider its extremely sharp blades that do full justice to its purpose. It has earned the good-will of the customers with its easily adjustable mechanism as well as easily cleanable process though it is not dishwasher safe.

One more thing you would have to miss out on, is dice or crinkle or waffle cuts, because you just get perfect julienne and slices in 3 widths that’s all; no holding feet – make sure you have a firm grip over the bowl.

3. Kyocera CSN-202-BK Adjustable Mandolin Slicer

The next best vegetable slicer is none other than Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer. Most of the satisfied consumers say that this mandolin offers great value for money; one standing proof for this is its ceramic blade that has the capacity to hold its edge longer than any metal.

Apart from that, you must be aware of the fact that ceramic is highly reliable and occupies a position next to diamond when it comes to hardness. The only thing that would take your attention is its inability to cut julienne, waffle or crinkly cuts, but highly efficient in provide precisely shaped slices in 4 different widths.

Pros and Cons

This Japanese made unit does not have holding feet, so you must use it on a bowl or a cutting bowl itself… On the brighter side, you can store it in a risk-free way, and it is the child-play for you to assemble it and use.

It’s again moderately priced at $22.15, and you can order it from Amazon.


4. World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Followed by the world cuisine mandolin it is not just handy for you in the kitchen it is even fancy too with the spiral vegetable slicer blade, so making cooking your passion, with all the creative stuff. Karen states “Love It! I have bought 4 for gifts” because of the following features-The set is imbibed with, a set of three blades each of 1/8-inch spacing, ¼-inch spacing along with a straight blade to aid in ribbon cuts. Just slice anything right from fruit, vegetable to zucchini, anything of your choice, with the easy mechanism. You just have to place the vegetable on the prongs; on rotate the wheel as you are pushing the base towards the blade, work is made simple. The unit is a plastic construction. Easy to clean, it is a dishwasher free. Buy it at an affordable price of $29.95 from the online mega store Amazon, with a 1-year long warranty.

5. De Buyer La Mandoline V Professionnelle

This professional slicer in this range of mandolines is basically not intended for casual work just because of the price range, that is a bit above the normal range when you compare it to all the products mentioned above. You need to shell out so much for the exceptionally accurate slices, julienne, crinkle and waffle cuts that comes along with an instructional DVD. While the unit is dishwasher safe, easily cleansed, otherwise it would have been difficult to carry it around since it is heavy.

The only unit that comes along with a suitcase for storage purpose, along with a 45° tilt facilitating easy operation for both right and left hand users equally. The unit has V-shaped blades that give perfection while cutting the veggies and fruits.

The product is priced $229.92, and can be ordered online from Amazon

6. Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 6 Piece Set

Undeniably, this is one of the complete packages you would wish for, starting with its price range that is quite affordable compared to its competitors like Benriner slicer etc. Attractive looking ABS plastic frame for the body and Germany surgical standard steel blades are the main USP of the slicer. The blade is used to slice, julienne or shred with ease.

There are 3 blades provided that make it a point you get slices of 3 different thickness, along with inserts you can expect defensive storage caddy that would ensure the components within are safe when not in use and there is a locking clip too. Though it’s not a dishwasher-safe set, you can cleanse the unit quite easily.

Click this link to order it at an attractive price of $39.95.

7. Joyce Chen 51-0662 Saladacco Spiral Slicer, White

Here is an option that would suit you, if you are ready to compromise on the extra sharp blade. The spiral food slicer; great for garnishes or Asian salads. The dishwasher-safe unit makes your job simpler, along with that there is a clear plastic catch tray making the job easier for you to reduce the mess.

The body is made of long lasting plastic that comes along with 2 slicing blades, completed with a handle that aids in keeping your hand far away from the cutting surface that is danger in other words. Can be used for fancy cuttings, provides spiral strands, ribbons and slices, within no time. With all this features it makes an ideal gift set, it even comes in a home gift-boxed; you can gift it to yourself and pamper yourself or pamper your loved ones.

Quickly creates spiral strands, ribbons, or slices; do all this and more at just $18.18 – order this cool veggie slicer from the online megastore Amazon.

8. Pinzon Stainless-Steel Mandoline

Robust stainless steel construction makes the unit a lucrative option, to get accurate, uniform slices. That is achieved with 4 slice blades provided each for waved, rough, fine and smooth cuts each. Further they slide into the side slot. A side knob intact to adjust the widths of the blades is incorporated. One thing you need to think twice about is the unit needs to be hand-washed. The imported piece, ships in a reliable approved frustration-free packaging so no worries.

Follow this link to order Pinizon mandolin at the price of $45.26

9. Zyliss Easy Safety Rail-Guided Slice Mandoline

One of the best features of this slicer is as long as 5 years warranty. There are 6 different, stainless-steel made V-shaped blades of which 4 are slicing inserts and rest 2 are julienne blade. Keeping your safety in mind the Zyliss easy mandolin is equipped with rail guided system that takes care that you are not harmed in any ways, apart from that it even facilitates easy movement of the vegetables over the blade. The storage caddy presented with the unit is slide-on type that effectively stores the blades safely. The unit is dishwasher safe. You can buy the product at enticing price of $35.85.

10. Shun Pro Mandoline

Last but not the least is the shun slicer, at least on the price list, since this is the high-end model in the market as far as price is concerned. You can buy it at a discounted price of $399.95 from Amazon.

You can consider, this option if you want some real quality slicers for commercial purpose. Its hefty size makes it a disgusting option if you have a smaller kitchen. Safety is assured with the food carriage attached to the guide rail, it even ensures that your hands wouldn’t slip and there is a mishap. As icing on cake the whole importance of the unit lies on its blade with good reuse value, the blades can be removed and sharpened with the aid of whetstone. The blade is engineered in a such way that you have bevelled edge on one side along with a hollow-ground back on the other end with the purpose of reducing friction thereby it allows to cut the vegetables with precision.

The adjustable deck gives you a free reign to adjust the thickness of the slice. There are four thus designed VG-10 super stainless steel made blades. Robust quality stainless steel construction along with Ebony black Pakkawood feet just helps you in storing and cleaning it effortlessly.

I am sure that these top 10 vegetable slicers can make your life easier as i’ve read it in healthiest juice article, by slicing the vegetables to perfection, as well as beautify the presentation of your dishes too.

Mandoline Slicers – FAQ

What is a mandoline slicer?

It’s a kitchen tool used to produce uniform sizes and thicknesses (actually thin is the goal) of food, usually vegetables, fruit and hard cheeses.

Why would I want to do that?

Foods that are fried or stir-fried cook more evenly when cut to the same size. You can also create beautiful presentations of raw vegetables, fruit, and hard cheeses very quickly when using a mandolin slicer. Your veggie trays will have a professional look to them and your friends will be impressed. Your dog will only be interested in the cheese.

Is it spelled mandoline or mandolin (slicer)?

Both, although the word mandoline on its own usually means the lute family stringed musical instrument. The meanings come together when the cook “plays” the food on the slicing tool.

Where did the mandolin slicer come from?

Many sources point to one of the very first illustrated cook books published in 1570 by Vatican staffer Bartolomeo Scappi, who was Pope Pius VI’s cook. A drawing in the book shows a board with a central cutting blade and other small perpendicular blades to cut vegetables into thin sticks. So a good guess is that this tool in its basic form has been around since the middle ages and probably originated in Italy or France.

How do they work?

Almost all models of mandoline slicers are made up of two parallel working surfaces, one of which can be adjusted in height. A food item is slid along the adjustable surface until it reaches a blade mounted on the fixed surface, slicing it and letting it fall. Some have interchangeable blades to produce different kinds of slices.

What are they made of?

Scappi’s slicer was probably made of wood with a metal blade. Modern day mandolins are made of either stainless steel (professional grade models) or with less expensive plastic surfaces. All have very sharp blades.

How do I use a mandoline slicer?

First, using a knife, cut the food to be sliced into a size that will fit the surface area of mandolin. Then using the food holder or “gripper” run the food over the blade, letting the slices drop. It’s very important to follow the manufacturer’s directions and keep protection between the blade and your fingers.

How do I clean it?

Some models can be thrown in the dishwasher (OK, carefully placed in the dishwasher) and others should be hand washed. It’s a good idea to give the blades a good rinse right after using so as to keep food from drying and sticking to the blades and making them harder to clean safely.

Are these things dangerous?

To drunks and small children, absolutely. The blades are very sharp. You should always use the food holder or gripper that comes with the unit or invest in a pair of cut-resistant kitchen gloves. Always keep something between the food and your fingers lest you cut them. Keep the slicer away from the kids until they are old enough to know the danger.

Why would I want one?

They are a kitchen time saver. You can quickly knock out julienne, French-fry cut, straight slice, waffle cut or crinkle cuts of potatoes and other veggies. Use it to produce even and uniform slices of firm vegetables such as raw fennel, carrots, onions, potatoes, celery root, cucumbers,  zucchini and cabbage. Firm fruits such as apples, pears, lemons and limes also work well.

You’ll be producing great looking salads and vegetable platters in no time with a mandolin slicer. Your stir-fry meals will be better.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, thanks for asking. I’m here all week.

Onion Slicer For The Perfect Onion Slices

Onions are widely used in cooking. Be it any cuisine like Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian, onions form a part of most of the recipes, due to its crunchiness and sharp flavor. In some recipes, you will find tons of onions needed. However, it is as tedious to slice onions, as it is tasty to use in food. Onion is one ingredient you cannot just ignore and forgo in a recipe. Apart from its cooking usage, it has tremendous health benefits as well.

Slicing onions: Who would want to spend hours in the kitchen standing and slicing onions when we have something called an onion slicer? Everyone knows how difficult it is to cut onions due to the fumes it leaves when chopped. The tip people give to stop watering of eyes when you slice onions never work. It is an uncomfortable and unwanted feeling and perhaps the worst part of eating onions!

Availability of slicers: There are onion slicers available in the market. Several companies manufacture them and there are various models to choose. Try to go in for a slicer that has stainless steel blades. Apart from being, long-lasting you will have no issues with any rusting of the blades. The body could be aluminum or plastic.

Nemco Easy Onion Slicer

You will note that there are heavy and huge onion slicers as well as simple, small and compact ones perfect for a house requirement. The heavy ones are for commercial usage especially in restaurants where there are volumes of slices to make every day.

Having an onion slicer in the kitchen is much of a relief as it saves time and labor. You will enjoy slicing onions using this simple gadget that will be of great assistance to you when you want to chop onions. Let us discus some of its advantages:

  • Slicing of onions will be much faster – It saves a considerable amount of time.
  • It is possible to get even slices that appear good and taste better in the food
  • It saves you too much effort. In a few seconds, you will be able to slice the onion without much inconvenience and effort.
  • You will not cry so much when chopping onions as it enables quick slicing.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain an onion slicer
  • Some slicers can be used to slice tomatoes, potatoes, green papers, lime, oranges, etc. apart from onions. So it is a multi-task performer
  • A salad like coleslaw can be ready in a few seconds’ time.

I would suggest every modern kitchen to have an onion slicer. It not only saves time and effort in slicing onions but also gives the finest, even slices that make some great food.

The Advantages Of Owning An Onion Ring Slicer

Onions are an important part of food preparation and cooking. There are different types of onions in the market. Each type has its own place in the kitchen.  Cutting onions can be a dreadful experience, as their strong smell makes your tear glands misbehave. As a good chef, you cannot do a lot to prevent it. However, you could use an onion ring slicer to make your work easier. Cutting onions with a knife is okay, but it is tiring and inaccurate. When you want to slice thin onion rings, a knife cannot give you an accurate result.

You cannot achieve the size you need in terms of thickness and width. Some rings are much more likely to appear bigger than others. Someone who is a serious chef, serving upscale guests, would hate to mess any detail in their cooking. If you want to try a certain food recipe, you need to follow the instructions completely. Having kitchen appliances that make your job easy is very imperative. One of those appliances is the onion ring slicer. This item is quick and efficient. It takes away your fear during food preparations for many visitors. A few gadgets are specifically for large-scale uses, such as in hotels and restaurants.

You might not need such complex slicers in your kitchen. However, if you like saving the time you spend in the kitchen, you must get at least one onion slicer. Finding this appliance is the easiest thing to do in the world. All you should do is sit in front of your home computer, and shop online. Many stores fully scrutinize their products for the sake of their customers. If you happen to find these reputable stores, you will be the luckiest shopper. These stores give you a wide range of products. Thus, you should carefully take your time to pick the most suitable product.A good site to buy from should post customer reviews, whether positive or negative.

This will help you in deciding whether you want to buy a given onion ring slicer or not. The gadgets are normally small and attractive. Make sure you consider the most important buying factors. For instance, you should consider the slicer’s efficiency, quality, durability, ease of use and so on. Some items will simply last for years and others cannot. Thus, you need to find out the type of materials used to make each onion slicer. You can find stainless steel slicers mainly. Pay only for a sturdy gadget that could withstand massive daily tasks. The purpose for which you are buying the device matters a lot. If you have a hotel, you may only search for commercial onion ring slicers. If you want a household use machine, many designs are perfect.

Top 11 Reasons on why Solar Gardening Rocks!

  1. Economy of use. Remember sunlight is free! And the government still has not figured out to tax it.
  2. Going green is not just a fad. Doing your part to help the earth and our environment by giving a solar garden fountain or any solar product is not only good for the conscience but good for the environment. Gardeners in particular appreciate the green aspect of solar products.
  3. Solar garden fountains are easy to install and completely portable. They work equally well on a deck, patio, balcony or in the center of your yard. There are no cords or electrical hook-ups to worry about.
  4. Solar garden fountains are easy to maintain so your special gardener can focus on creating that all important space and spend time with special plants.
  5. At this time of the year the garden centers will have solar garden fountains on close-out sale as will many internet companies. If you don’t mind last season’s fountains this is probably THE time to get the best prices.
  6. Gardeners are still thinking about their gardens even as they are putting them to ‘bed’ for the winter. The winter is the time to plan for next year’s joyous display of plants. Think about how delighted your gardener will be to have a water feature to plan around for spring’s return. This is a gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Not sure what style of solar garden fountain your gardener will like? Now is the time to buy gift certificates. Internet companies like Serenity Health offer gift certificates from $25 on up to $1000 so you can let your gardener choose the perfect fountain for thier outdoor retreat. Here is a tip for giving the gift certificates: don’t put them in a card or envelope…this is a BIG present, so wrap the certificate up in a BIG box with all of the appropriate trimmings.
  8. Solar garden fountains are not your typical holiday gift. Chances are that web sites and places who stock these products on an ongoing basis aren’t going to run out of your favorite fountain. You might have to worry about delayed shipping because of the holiday rush though so ordering early is always a good idea.
  9. Ordering is easy for solar garden fountains and most of the companies will ship direct to your gift’s recipient. We recommend if your are web ordering have the fountain shipped a day or two after the holiday and meanwhile use the above idea to wrap up a picture of the gift fountain in a box to be presented on the holiday. It is a lot of fun to unwrap gifts…this will give your gardener the opportunity to unwrap the same present twice.
  10. Unlike Traditional Gardens where Its a necessity to maintain it( how to prevent and remove weeds growing in your garden ) solar gardening is prevents weeds from growing out of control.
  11. Speaking of unwrapping presents…Solar garden fountains come in pretty good sized boxes, even the smaller ones…who does not like to unwrap a really BIG present???

Best Humidifier for Babies

Whenever you are looking to buy a product for your baby, it is absolutely essential that you get the best on the market.  Your baby is your world, so you need to do everything in your power to ensure they are exposed to only the best and safest products available.  As such, whenever you are looking to invest in a humidifier to help alleviate the sore throat and cold symptoms of your child, you must do your research and discover what humidifiers will truly help to ensure your child gets and stays better.

Humidifiers make it easier for children and babies to breathe, and because of this, it is not uncommon for parents to run a humidifier in a baby’s room even when they are not sick.

Humidifiers for babies will relive stuffiness and congestion, allowing the child to experience more relaxed breathing.  Additionally, viruses and bacteria grow and populate in dry air, so running a humidifier will increase the moisture in the air, making it more difficult for these germs to grow.  This could potentially help your children avoid becoming sick in the first place.
With so many different products on the market, it is important you take the time to research and read online to see what products have the best reviews.

The Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a highly rated product by moms everywhere.  This product offers a 2.3 gallon output per day and can be found online for a price range of $40-50.  It has a 1 gallon tank and can humidify an area of up to 250 square feet.  It is lightweight, coming in at 4.8 pounds, so it is easily transferable from a playroom to a bedroom.  Perhaps most importantly, it is very quiet and has been said to be nearly silent!  This can be extremely helpful if you plan to use this product while your child sleeps, as we all know how difficult it can be to get a baby to fall and stay asleep.  It can also run for up to 10 hours straight on one tank, allowing you to run it and forget it, without needing to constantly take the time to refill the tank!
Another great product is the Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350.  This product promises to be 99.9% germ free, as the mist kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold and spores in the water with the innovative built in germ killing technology.  This product can also run up to 24 hours on one tank.  It also has Quiet Care technology, so you can use it in the same room as your sleeping baby without worrying if it will keep them awake or disrupt their rest.  This precept can be found online for between $90-100.
Anytime you are looking to improve the health of your baby, it is essential that you spend the time looking into the best products on the market.  The health of your baby is of the up most importance, so make sure you buy one of the best humidifiers on the market.

Tool Hire: A god send!

So you’ve just bought your first home (congratulations!) and now you’re thinking about how you’re going to get rid of those repugnant wall designs, unsettling unlevelled flooring and how on earth to dispose of the bin bags full of unwanted bric-a-brac that the old owners so mercifully left behind for you. If you want to set up your new home to the state of perfection you’ve so often dreamt of but don’t know where to begin; don’t worry, I was once at this state of panic too!

As a person with a few properties under their belt, I decided to write this article to make the process a little easier for others. I remember the shock that surged through my body when I stepped into my first home. I was initially full of decorating ideas and interior design dreams; nevertheless this was swiftly flattened when I was faced with what looked like a war zone. I’m sure you can imagine the sheer shock that follows when you’re faced with this! All this time, I had thought the most difficult step would be buying the house.

After a week of trying to ignore the mess, I finally decided to investigate whether there was an easy solution to all this and there was: tool hire! I had seen the adverts and shops for many years but never gave it a second thought. Nevertheless it seemed the perfect time to put these services into use. The process of moving home became a lot easier.

Top 5 services:

1. Wallpaper Strippers:

This was my favourite tool out of them all because it made cleaning fun and it was fast to use. With this little gem, you simply fill the water tank, plug it into a mains supply and it’s ready to use within a few minutes!The steam with loosen up the old wallpaper, so that all you have to do is peel it off… Simple! Leaving your walls ready for you to redecorate!

2. Waste Handling:

When I called up my local hire shop, they told me all I had to do was put everything I wanted to throw away on the front garden and they would take care of the rest…so that’s exactly what I did! Smaller items such as the wallpaper strippings were put into bin bags whilst larger items like drawers, broken stools and old sofas that couldn’t fit into bags were placed on my lawn as directed by the company and sure enough, the next day they came and took it all away. Furthermore, I was told that the rubbish would be sorted into recyclable components making the process more environmentally friendly!

3. Floor Sanders and Finishers:

I hired professionals to sand the floor (I thought this best as electrical equipment and I don’t exactly get on!). Prior to the sanding, the floor had been a mess of broken tiles in the kitchen and broken wooden floorboards with stains all over the place. It was pretty horrific! But they explained to me that it was just a matter of sanding down the floorboards to take care of the stains and to level up all the surfaces so I could either put on a new coat of wood floor vanish of lay down a new carpet. I just couldn’t believe that it was in the same house…simply amazing! The easiest and cheapest option for me was to put on a new coat of vanish and lucky I really liked wood floors. The result is astonishing!

4. Drills and Hammers:

As someone with no experience of using heavy duty drills (I can hardly use a hairdryer let alone a drill!), I hired professionals to get rid of the old wall tiles in the bathroom and toilet. They even helped to install my new shower side door which needed to be drilled into the bathroom wall. I had initially deemed that using a simple nail and hammer would do the job…I was clearly miss informed (thanks dad).

5. Dehumidifiers:

A magical tool sent from the heavens! It not only sped up the drying process of everything, but it also ensured that the smell of wet paint and floor glue was almost gone by the time I moved in. The dehumidifier makes sure that your floors, walls and ceilings all dry at the same time…making the whole process even faster!

So there you have it!

With these tools, some profession help and a little guidance, preparing your new home will only take a matter of weeks rather than months! If you are unsure about decorating permission by your council, please visit UpMyStreet: the UK’s number one site for home and local decisions for some advice.

People can be hesitant about hiring help as it is viewed as expensive. Nevertheless, in my eyes making a mistake with the foundations of your house will in fact cost you a lot more in long run to fix! Leave the heavy jobs to the professional, gives you more time to plan how you would like the overall finished product to look, consider colour coordination, room design or where to find affordable rugs and furniture fittings.

Household tips and tricks for 2017

In a few weeks it would be 2017. Perhaps like us, you are probably coming to the end of your seasonal celebrations and are looking forward to a productive year ahead. With a view to this, we thought we would put together some of the best tips and tricks to get you started with any home improvement ventures you are looking to embark on:

House work

  1. Add a few drops of essential oil to a water spray and spray onto clothes before ironing as an alternative to expensive ironing waters.
  2. Use scrunched up balls of tin foil when you run out of scouring pads.
  3. Brown sauce is apparently good for cleaning up old brass.
  4. Some of you may already know this, to remove stubborn stains from your vases, simply pour in a small amount of white vinegar and a handful of rice, swish around for a bit then rinse well and your glass should look brand new again.
  5. For cleaning very delicate surfaces try using baby wipes, they are much gentler than more household detergents. Nevertheless, no matter how tempting it may be avoid scrubbing delicate surfaces.
  6. Use 2 drops of lemon juice when rinsing glassware to add sparkle and shine.
  7. Nevertheless, vinegar is the best non detergent in order to remove lime scale.
  8. “Cif” cleaning liquid is great to clean marks off stone fireplaces.
  9. Use an old pillow cases to use for machine washing delicates.
  10. Go that extra mile for your guests without over spending. Collect all those free toiletry samples from magazines and put them in guest rooms/bathrooms.


  1. After the rain has stopped (fingers crossed it will be very soon) use a window cleaner to polish glass table tops and make them fit for the summer BBQ’s.
  2. Remember to dust/clean outside light bulbs as dirty ones can lose up to 30% of its light.

This is our favourite trick:

  1. Rub scrunched up newspaper over window for a smeary free shine.
  2. In order to remove marks left on carpets by heavy furniture and sofas, place an ice cube over the dent, as the ice cube melts the moisture will soak into the fibres causing them to plump up again! That would be just amazing when reorganising furniture… must give that a go!

Final thoughts:

Make a new year’s resolution and tidy away before you go to bed every night…start your day off well by waking up to a clean and tidy household!

Funk up your walls and furniture… create your own Art-Deco

I’m writing this article in response to a question posted by Cathrin in my other article “rethinking your living room”. Cathrin asked whether there is a way to decorate your walls without using nails hang things up or paint to add a splash of colour. This actually reminded me of my time at university, I had various limitations with my little (tiny in fact, like a Tumbleweed Tiny House- See:Julia @ Hooked on Houses) home at university. Among these little ‘challenges’ was the same contract rule restriction as Cathrin: no paint, nails or anything permanent on the walls (not so fabulous for an art student).

Imagine boring cream walls and an awful carpet throughout the house…not so homely! My first thought was to buy posters of my favourite artists and even put some of my art work up using blu-tac. Unfortunately after expressing this solution to my equally baffled house mates that blu-tac can leave a mess and marks on the walls, plus my room was the size of a small child’s room (perfect if you are 4 foot tall) thus it would probably look too cramped!

This is when I started thinking outside the box! I started thinking how to jazz my little home up, my art lecturer (after enduring 2 hours of my complaining on the subject matter)told me about contact paper, she told me it was a great way of creating artistic designs and updating the look of any room. It was easy to remove as it is to put up! I was delighted find out that contact paper in rolls (better value for money) comes in an array of different designs and a cocktail of colours. I loved the thought of bold silhouettes on my walls.

So here are some examples of the designs I created:

  • Silhouettes of fruits: I used some fabulous Hollywood red carpet contact paper, drew the shape of an apple the size of A4 and simply cut it out, peel off the adhesive strip and stick it onto my walls. I did the same with green for some pears and so on. I know the thought of putting silhouettes of fruits onto your walls might sound bizarre but it works! Friends at Uni thought it was such a clever idea, so clever most of the houses were overwhelmed with contact paper by the end of the first term (be careful not to overdo it…it’s quite fun and most people get a little over enthusiastic).
  • I also wanted to add personal touches to the furniture around the room because they looked so plain. I drew silhouettes of flowers onto black contact paper (again, about A4 sized) and stuck them onto the visible side panels of my drawers and some on the edges of the table etc.

  • You can also get see-though contact paper with different designs and colours for windows or glass panels… for my room I felt this would be a little over the top!

If you don’t feel confident in your creative abilities just yet, fret not contact paper is also available with some fabulous designs already on it. Or even try printing off the net or tracing out of book etc and simply transfer onto contact paper… I hope these ideas were helpful, happy cutting!