Funk up your walls and furniture… create your own Art-Deco

I’m writing this article in response to a question posted by Cathrin in my other article “rethinking your living room”. Cathrin asked whether there is a way to decorate your walls without using nails hang things up or paint to add a splash of colour. This actually reminded me of my time at university, I had various limitations with my little (tiny in fact, like a Tumbleweed Tiny House- See:Julia @ Hooked on Houses) home at university. Among these little ‘challenges’ was the same contract rule restriction as Cathrin: no paint, nails or anything permanent on the walls (not so fabulous for an art student).

Imagine boring cream walls and an awful carpet throughout the house…not so homely! My first thought was to buy posters of my favourite artists and even put some of my art work up using blu-tac. Unfortunately after expressing this solution to my equally baffled house mates that blu-tac can leave a mess and marks on the walls, plus my room was the size of a small child’s room (perfect if you are 4 foot tall) thus it would probably look too cramped!

This is when I started thinking outside the box! I started thinking how to jazz my little home up, my art lecturer (after enduring 2 hours of my complaining on the subject matter)told me about contact paper, she told me it was a great way of creating artistic designs and updating the look of any room. It was easy to remove as it is to put up! I was delighted find out that contact paper in rolls (better value for money) comes in an array of different designs and a cocktail of colours. I loved the thought of bold silhouettes on my walls.

So here are some examples of the designs I created:

  • Silhouettes of fruits: I used some fabulous Hollywood red carpet contact paper, drew the shape of an apple the size of A4 and simply cut it out, peel off the adhesive strip and stick it onto my walls. I did the same with green for some pears and so on. I know the thought of putting silhouettes of fruits onto your walls might sound bizarre but it works! Friends at Uni thought it was such a clever idea, so clever most of the houses were overwhelmed with contact paper by the end of the first term (be careful not to overdo it…it’s quite fun and most people get a little over enthusiastic).
  • I also wanted to add personal touches to the furniture around the room because they looked so plain. I drew silhouettes of flowers onto black contact paper (again, about A4 sized) and stuck them onto the visible side panels of my drawers and some on the edges of the table etc.

  • You can also get see-though contact paper with different designs and colours for windows or glass panels… for my room I felt this would be a little over the top!

If you don’t feel confident in your creative abilities just yet, fret not contact paper is also available with some fabulous designs already on it. Or even try printing off the net or tracing out of book etc and simply transfer onto contact paper… I hope these ideas were helpful, happy cutting!

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