Onion Slicer For The Perfect Onion Slices

Onions are widely used in cooking. Be it any cuisine like Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian, onions form a part of most of the recipes, due to its crunchiness and sharp flavor. In some recipes, you will find tons of onions needed. However, it is as tedious to slice onions, as it is tasty to use in food. Onion is one ingredient you cannot just ignore and forgo in a recipe. Apart from its cooking usage, it has tremendous health benefits as well.

Slicing onions: Who would want to spend hours in the kitchen standing and slicing onions when we have something called an onion slicer? Everyone knows how difficult it is to cut onions due to the fumes it leaves when chopped. The tip people give to stop watering of eyes when you slice onions never work. It is an uncomfortable and unwanted feeling and perhaps the worst part of eating onions!

Availability of slicers: There are onion slicers available in the market. Several companies manufacture them and there are various models to choose. Try to go in for a slicer that has stainless steel blades. Apart from being, long-lasting you will have no issues with any rusting of the blades. The body could be aluminum or plastic.

Nemco Easy Onion Slicer

You will note that there are heavy and huge onion slicers as well as simple, small and compact ones perfect for a house requirement. The heavy ones are for commercial usage especially in restaurants where there are volumes of slices to make every day.

Having an onion slicer in the kitchen is much of a relief as it saves time and labor. You will enjoy slicing onions using this simple gadget that will be of great assistance to you when you want to chop onions. Let us discus some of its advantages:

  • Slicing of onions will be much faster – It saves a considerable amount of time.
  • It is possible to get even slices that appear good and taste better in the food
  • It saves you too much effort. In a few seconds, you will be able to slice the onion without much inconvenience and effort.
  • You will not cry so much when chopping onions as it enables quick slicing.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain an onion slicer
  • Some slicers can be used to slice tomatoes, potatoes, green papers, lime, oranges, etc. apart from onions. So it is a multi-task performer
  • A salad like coleslaw can be ready in a few seconds’ time.

I would suggest every modern kitchen to have an onion slicer. It not only saves time and effort in slicing onions but also gives the finest, even slices that make some great food.

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