Tool Hire: A god send!

So you’ve just bought your first home (congratulations!) and now you’re thinking about how you’re going to get rid of those repugnant wall designs, unsettling unlevelled flooring and how on earth to dispose of the bin bags full of unwanted bric-a-brac that the old owners so mercifully left behind for you. If you want to set up your new home to the state of perfection you’ve so often dreamt of but don’t know where to begin; don’t worry, I was once at this state of panic too!

As a person with a few properties under their belt, I decided to write this article to make the process a little easier for others. I remember the shock that surged through my body when I stepped into my first home. I was initially full of decorating ideas and interior design dreams; nevertheless this was swiftly flattened when I was faced with what looked like a war zone. I’m sure you can imagine the sheer shock that follows when you’re faced with this! All this time, I had thought the most difficult step would be buying the house.

After a week of trying to ignore the mess, I finally decided to investigate whether there was an easy solution to all this and there was: tool hire! I had seen the adverts and shops for many years but never gave it a second thought. Nevertheless it seemed the perfect time to put these services into use. The process of moving home became a lot easier.

Top 5 services:

1. Wallpaper Strippers:

This was my favourite tool out of them all because it made cleaning fun and it was fast to use. With this little gem, you simply fill the water tank, plug it into a mains supply and it’s ready to use within a few minutes!The steam with loosen up the old wallpaper, so that all you have to do is peel it off… Simple! Leaving your walls ready for you to redecorate!

2. Waste Handling:

When I called up my local hire shop, they told me all I had to do was put everything I wanted to throw away on the front garden and they would take care of the rest…so that’s exactly what I did! Smaller items such as the wallpaper strippings were put into bin bags whilst larger items like drawers, broken stools and old sofas that couldn’t fit into bags were placed on my lawn as directed by the company and sure enough, the next day they came and took it all away. Furthermore, I was told that the rubbish would be sorted into recyclable components making the process more environmentally friendly!

3. Floor Sanders and Finishers:

I hired professionals to sand the floor (I thought this best as electrical equipment and I don’t exactly get on!). Prior to the sanding, the floor had been a mess of broken tiles in the kitchen and broken wooden floorboards with stains all over the place. It was pretty horrific! But they explained to me that it was just a matter of sanding down the floorboards to take care of the stains and to level up all the surfaces so I could either put on a new coat of wood floor vanish of lay down a new carpet. I just couldn’t believe that it was in the same house…simply amazing! The easiest and cheapest option for me was to put on a new coat of vanish and lucky I really liked wood floors. The result is astonishing!

4. Drills and Hammers:

As someone with no experience of using heavy duty drills (I can hardly use a hairdryer let alone a drill!), I hired professionals to get rid of the old wall tiles in the bathroom and toilet. They even helped to install my new shower side door which needed to be drilled into the bathroom wall. I had initially deemed that using a simple nail and hammer would do the job…I was clearly miss informed (thanks dad).

5. Dehumidifiers:

A magical tool sent from the heavens! It not only sped up the drying process of everything, but it also ensured that the smell of wet paint and floor glue was almost gone by the time I moved in. The dehumidifier makes sure that your floors, walls and ceilings all dry at the same time…making the whole process even faster!

So there you have it!

With these tools, some profession help and a little guidance, preparing your new home will only take a matter of weeks rather than months! If you are unsure about decorating permission by your council, please visit UpMyStreet: the UK’s number one site for home and local decisions for some advice.

People can be hesitant about hiring help as it is viewed as expensive. Nevertheless, in my eyes making a mistake with the foundations of your house will in fact cost you a lot more in long run to fix! Leave the heavy jobs to the professional, gives you more time to plan how you would like the overall finished product to look, consider colour coordination, room design or where to find affordable rugs and furniture fittings.

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