Top 11 Reasons on why Solar Gardening Rocks!

  1. Economy of use. Remember sunlight is free! And the government still has not figured out to tax it.
  2. Going green is not just a fad. Doing your part to help the earth and our environment by giving a solar garden fountain or any solar product is not only good for the conscience but good for the environment. Gardeners in particular appreciate the green aspect of solar products.
  3. Solar garden fountains are easy to install and completely portable. They work equally well on a deck, patio, balcony or in the center of your yard. There are no cords or electrical hook-ups to worry about.
  4. Solar garden fountains are easy to maintain so your special gardener can focus on creating that all important space and spend time with special plants.
  5. At this time of the year the garden centers will have solar garden fountains on close-out sale as will many internet companies. If you don’t mind last season’s fountains this is probably THE time to get the best prices.
  6. Gardeners are still thinking about their gardens even as they are putting them to ‘bed’ for the winter. The winter is the time to plan for next year’s joyous display of plants. Think about how delighted your gardener will be to have a water feature to plan around for spring’s return. This is a gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Not sure what style of solar garden fountain your gardener will like? Now is the time to buy gift certificates. Internet companies like Serenity Health offer gift certificates from $25 on up to $1000 so you can let your gardener choose the perfect fountain for thier outdoor retreat. Here is a tip for giving the gift certificates: don’t put them in a card or envelope…this is a BIG present, so wrap the certificate up in a BIG box with all of the appropriate trimmings.
  8. Solar garden fountains are not your typical holiday gift. Chances are that web sites and places who stock these products on an ongoing basis aren’t going to run out of your favorite fountain. You might have to worry about delayed shipping because of the holiday rush though so ordering early is always a good idea.
  9. Ordering is easy for solar garden fountains and most of the companies will ship direct to your gift’s recipient. We recommend if your are web ordering have the fountain shipped a day or two after the holiday and meanwhile use the above idea to wrap up a picture of the gift fountain in a box to be presented on the holiday. It is a lot of fun to unwrap gifts…this will give your gardener the opportunity to unwrap the same present twice.
  10. Unlike Traditional Gardens where Its a necessity to maintain it( how to prevent and remove weeds growing in your garden ) solar gardening is prevents weeds from growing out of control.
  11. Speaking of unwrapping presents…Solar garden fountains come in pretty good sized boxes, even the smaller ones…who does not like to unwrap a really BIG present???

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